Using Used Car Reconditioning Workflow to Solve Many Dealership Headaches

Getting your cars through reconditioning and PDI is only the halfway mark to “sale complete” and ends when the “funded” deal is sent to accounting. Both recon/PDI and deal-flow are perfect candidates for workflow technology, but with different sets of rules and users. The need for speed and efficiency is ever more critical in deal-flow, because now your customer experience is at risk. Using a used car reconditioning workflow from Rapid Recon can help.

In recon, the stock number is the critical key, but when vehicles advance from recon/PDI to deal-flow, the deal number becomes the key. This allows for an alternate vehicle to be swapped into a working deal, which is needed if the desired car is sold to another customer before the deal is complete. The included chart shows how a workflow application allows this to happen and how the two are connected.

DePaula Chevrolet in Albany, New York, started using a used car reconditioning workflow to measure and manage their recon time-to-market 36 months ago, and now have their processes dialed to have their used cars, trades and auction purchases on the frontline in 48 hours. While recon was working like clockwork, their deal-flow was still being handled the old way, using logs and paper. Paul Lynch who heads the dealership’s sales operations, decided to also configure a second workflow to manage deal-flow.

Your used vehicle is a “Melting Block of Ice”, that is it begins to depreciate the moment it arrives at your store. Getting it to your front line in an efficient and timely manner is the overall objective of the Recon Process. To find out how Rapid Recon’s used card reconditioning workflow can impact your bottom line or to schedule a no-obligation, online demo of our systems, visit our website at or call us at 650.322.0600.

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