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Automotive Industry Experts

Anthony Martinez

VP, Client Services

Background: Sales, Reconditioning
(407) 955-9111

Before joining Rapid Recon in 2017, Anthony served for eight years with the U.S. Army. He is a combat veteran. He spent the next eight years in home construction and quality control, and then for another three years ran a recon center servicing three stores processing more than 1,200 vehicles a month. He’s certified in both Lean and Six Sigma and has used those practices to help reduce the average days in reconditioning for stores to under three days while reducing cost and increasing gross.

Bradley Orr

Performance Consultant Lead

Background: Used Cars,
(916) 206-8607

Bradley began his career selling Oldsmobile’s between semesters at Cal State Fullerton. He has worked in automotive retail, wholesale, broker, used car buyer/manager, in F&I, and as a general sales manager and dealer. He joined Rapid Recon in 2019. Bradley is married to Kristin, and they have two daughters and live in the Sacramento, California area.

Sean Carlson

Operations Manager of Client Services

Background: Fixed Operations
(650) 666-2052

Sean began his automotive career in 2004. Before joining Rapid Recon, he spent 13 years at one of the largest Toyota dealerships in the nation, serving in numerous fixed operations roles. Sean’s experience with dealership processes provides a unique and valuable perspective to Rapid Recon and its customers. He is a Seattle native. He enjoys spending time with his family, being active, and engaging in a myriad of hobbies.

Anthony Greenhalgh

VP, Marketing & Sales Operations

Background: Parts, Accessories, Collision
(435) 990-5610

Anthony began his automotive career in 1992 and has developed a prominent background in fixed operations. General Motors recognized him as a “Top Performer” for his success in the automotive parts industry. He holds certifications in customer loyalty management, change implementation, and process management. Before joining Rapid Recon in 2016, he spent 24 years at a multi-franchise metro dealer, responsible for internalizing all cosmetic reconditioning into the dealer’s collision center.

Brian Larremore

Implementation Specialist

Background: Tech, Parts,
Reconditioning, Collision
(650) 422-3173

Brian joined Rapid Recon in 2019. He has been a porter, detailer, technician, service writer, and manager, and then an owner of an independent body shop. One of Brian’s most considerable skills is finding ways to adjust a workflow set up to produce a consistent and efficient process with a focus on the right communications at the correct times. He has certifications from I-CAR and Cycle Time Management, among others.

Bridget Townsend

Sr. VP, Product Development

Background: Software Product Development and Management, Business Leadership,
Go-to-Market Innovation
(650) 322-0600 ext. 126

Bridget has been in the software development field since 1995, with a focus on automotive software solutions since 2000. She joined Rapid Recon in 2018. She most recently held key leadership roles as COO and Co-Founder for Vin Voyager; V.P. of Vendor Management for DealerSocket; V.P. of Market Performance for Inventory Solutions at DealerTrack; and, as Sr. Director of Product Development for Chrome Systems. A New York native and graduate of Cornell University, Bridget resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, where she enjoys spending time with family and attending Gateway church.

Collette Roth (Coco)

Account Development SR. Manager

Background: Finance
(775) 384-8877

Coco began her automotive career in 1994 and worked within the Penske organization for many years as a finance director. With an extensive background in finance and sales, she loves engaging with great people and solving problems. Coco joined Rapid Recon in 2018. Her consistent passion for superior customer service and quality networking has built her solid foundation for continued success within the car industry.

Curtis Sampson

Sales Engineer

Background: Used Cars, Finance,
GSM, GM, Dealer
(801) 361-8207

Curtis has been a dealer principal, general manager, general sales manager, finance manager, and used vehicle director. In 2010, he was an original Rapid Recon user. He joined the company in 2019. His passion is coaching and supporting dealers’ processes and procedures. He earned an undergraduate degree in Business Finance from the University of Utah and his MBA from Brigham Young University. In his leisure time, he is on horseback or hiking – or training hunting dogs – and always with family.

David Stanton

Implementation Specialist

Background: Sales, Service, Reconditioning
(650) 460-7151

David has a 10-year background in software and software-as-a-service implementation and user training, and he was won awards in customer service. Before joining Rapid Recon in 2019, he owned a Suzuki Motorcycle franchise and worked in the automotive service industry. David was a professional motorcycle road racer and raced for the factory Suzuki race road team. He holds multiple national road racing championships and competed in the 1996 Macau G.P. and the 2008 Le Mans 24- hour motorcycle races.

Dennis McGinn

Chief Executive Officer

Background: Automotive Manufacturer
Software Development
(650) 600-3750

Dennis has led several companies in his career, both public and private, along with running several business units at Hewlett-Packard. He also was the CEO of a vehicle tracking and activities analytics company. Recognizing the need for vehicle accountability on the lot and in reconditioning, he created Rapid Recon in 2010. Today, Rapid Recon is the industry-standard in reconditioning workflow communications, transparency, and accountability. Dennis also spent 21 years at Hewlett-Packard, applying the principles of continuous process improvement (CPI) to advanced manufacturing software for major automotive OEMs. CPI is a core key performance indicator within Rapid Recon’s workflow technology. He has authored in-demand “how-to” books, Recon T2L and Inventory is a Waste, providing auto retailers and their vendors foundational insight into the economics and opportunities available to those who practice time-to-line reconditioning workflow principles.

Jason Murphy

Director, Implementation

Background: Service, Parts
(650) 352-8785

Jason began his automotive career in 2010. He joined Rapid Recon in 2015, having experience in multiple capacities within automotive retail, including as a technician and as a service and parts director. Honda recognized him for having led a top service team for two consecutive years. In his leisure time, Jason is more than likely at the racetrack or out in the woods.

Jennifer Moore

Manager of Customer Support

Background: Accounting, Parts, Service
(650) 322-0600 ext. 117

Jennifer began her automotive career in 2005. She started as a consultant to Rapid Recon in 2016 and then joined the company in 2017. Previously, she was a warranty administrator and a service advisor for a Jaguar Land Rover dealership. Jennifer has been recognized by Jaguar Land Rover as a “Master Service Advisor” among the top 5% in North America.

John Young

Software QA Supervisor

Background: Parts, Accessories
(650) 753-2724

As an alumnus of the University of Washington, John began his automotive career in 2010. Before joining the Rapid Recon team in 2017, he worked in automotive retail in both parts and body shop departments. His background also includes used, OEM and aftermarket parts, as well as service writer and repair. He has also worked in retail and wholesale sales distribution and has independent and OEM experience.

Keith Brice

VP, Sales

Background: Comptroller, Sales,
Fixed Ops Management
(757) 664-9388

Keith joined Rapid Recon in 2016. He has spent more than 30 years in automotive retail, as Comptroller, and in fixed operations, for Texas dealerships. The Texas native is a 1985 graduate of Texas A&M. He has five adult children and two grandchildren, so far! He lives in Houston, TX with his dog Finley.

Michael Young

Quality Assurance Specialist

Background: Parts, Inside Sales
(650) 352-3539

A Washington State University graduate, Michael has six years of automotive industry experience. He holds certifications in Information Technology. He previously worked for one of the largest used and aftermarket parts distribution companies, sourcing and shipping supplies to dealerships and body shops. His multi-franchise dealer group experience included managing shipping logistics for its multimillion dollar warehouse operation. Michael holds CompTIA Network+ and A+ Information Technology certifications. He joined Rapid Recon in 2018.

Jim Leman


Background: Dealership Sales, Corporate and Freelance Communications
(847) 840-0784

A consultant to Rapid Recon since 2015, Jim joined the company fulltime in 2020. He has been a corporate marketing and communications professional, and since 1992 was a freelance automotive retail writer and journalist providing services for leading technology companies serving automotive retail. Around 9/11, Jim sold for a Ford dealership. He and his wife Cynthia live near Chicago and conduct bible studies with senior citizens and disadvantaged children.

Shelly Nordholm

Product Manager

Background: Service, Accessories,
Loaner Fleet
(650) 352-8589

Shelly began her automotive career in 2016 and has worked for the largest Toyota dealership in the Pacific Northwest. There, she started at an entry-level position and progressed to Accessories coordinator and later, Loaner Fleet manager. She joined Rapid Recon in 2019. In her spare time, Shelly can be found adventuring the vast wide world or working on her various creative projects.

Joe Baye

Account Manager Lead

Background: Inventory, Used Cars, Appraisals, Wholesale, Technology
(303) 529-0525

Joe’s entry into automotive was in 2009 in dealership parts & accessories before transitioning to internet sales. He then was the dealership technology manager for a large franchise group in his home state of Nebraska.  In 2014, he moved to Denver to create the training & performance department for an automotive software startup. There, he personally worked with over 400 dealers to improve their used inventory metrics.  He spent a short time at a DMS company then as a used car manager before joining Rapid Recon in 2020. Joe enjoys college football, reading, and exploring his new home in Texas.

Dustin Jones

Performance Consultant

Background: Services, Fixed Operations
(916) 588-3290

Dustin has worked in automotive for many years and has a true passion for helping others. His career has taken him from a lube technician to working in fixed operations. He joined Rapid Recon in 2020 as an account manager. He has earned a Nissan Award of Excellence in service advising and has pulled stores’ performances from the bottom to the top 10% in customer satisfaction. Dustin has worked all over Northern California and the Bay area. He and his wife have a son. Dustin enjoys woodworking, motorcycles, and spending time with his family. 

Claudia Degges

Account Manager

Background: Collision
(210) 907-8990

Claudia grew up providing mechanical, body and paint work for her dad’s drag and mud racers. She has a degree in Auto Body and is I-Car Platinum Certified. She is a GM Mark of Excellence Award recipient; is Axalta-certified in Production/Repair Planning/ Damage Analysis/Estimating Consistency; is certified in Chief and Car-O-Liner frame measuring systems, is Toyota certified; and is a Student Leadership Academy Gold recipient and a graduate of the Critical Thinking and Leadership Institute. She also worked for more than a decade as a dealership body shop estimator. She joined Rapid Recon in 2020.

Nick Metts

Sales Engineer

Background: Service, Recon
(980) 296-1759

Nick started his automotive career in 2004 with the Hendrick Automotive Group, where he spent a dozen years as recon manager and internal service advisor. “Ask Nick” became his moniker, as he was the go-to for questions regarding used cars in inventory. Nick is a Lexus Master-Certified Service Consultant. He most recently spent four years as Director, Reconditioning Services, for MetroTech Automotive.  He joined Rapid Recon in 2020. When not helping dealers find efficiency improvements, he spends time with his wife, their two sons and two dogs, and he admits to having a “slight” obsession with his yard.

Julian Gonzalez

Account Manager Lead

Background: Service & Reconditioning
(321) 465-9916

Julian is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. He joined the automotive industry in 2008 and has a prominent background in fixed, specifically reconditioning. Julian started as a service department porter and worked his way through service to Recondition Manager, a position that he held for 7 years before joining Rapid Recon. He loves NASCAR, drifting, and really anything motorsports related. The only thing he loves more is spending time with his family and their dogs.

Ali Ramstack

Account Manager

Background: Sales, Marketing,
Parts, & Service
(612) 389-9160

Ali has worked in automotive since 2003, bringing to Rapid Recon experience in sales, and service and variable operations marketing. She is a valued and trusted business partner, having the instinct to know when to listen and when to contribute. Ali is perhaps best recognized for her enthusiasm and accessibility – and unique gift of ideas and collaborative relations with clients to achieve common goals.  

Patrick Malone

Account Manager

Background: Sales
(650) 352-8589

Patrick began his sales career at the age of 19 in car sales for a small local dealership. From there his career has taken him down a path of software sales and customer success, where he gained a wealth of experience in working strategically with customers to drive adoption and best practices for success. When joining Rapid, Patrick found an opportunity to combine two of his passions – helping others and cars. His ability to build rapport and trust with others is unmatched, and he is looking forward to using these skills to help Rapid Recon’s customers achieve their time-to-line goals.

Tay-lyn O'Grady

Project Manager

Background: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Warranty Administration
(775) 788-1727

Tay-lyn’s experience was in the hospitality industry, but has also have been around the automotive industry for the past two years. As an account manager, Tay-lyn will bring the two worlds together. Bringing a high level of customer service to all Rapid Recon users.

Christopher Glenn

Sales Engineer

Background: BDC, Internet Management, & Sales
(615) 808-8863

Christopher began his automotive career in 2014 in his hometown Nashville, TN. Prior to joining the Rapid Recon team in 2021, he served in various capacities from Business Development, Internet Management, and Sales. He has experience across multiple brands, most recently GM. As a member of the Account Management team, he enjoys diving in the trenches with his dealership accounts to ensure they are getting the best ROI on their product! Chris lives in Gallatin, TN, where he enjoys playing disc golf and spending time with his family outdoors in his free time.

Sagar Patel

Customer Support

Background: Sales, Service, & Inventory Management
(650) 999-0497 ext. 839

Sagar started in the automotive industry by following his dream of working with automobiles and technology. Sagar started in sales but quickly stepped up to sales trainee, dealer trade manager, and inventory manager at a Honda dealership. Before joining Rapid Recon, he was a service advisor for Hyundai-Genesis and Kia dealership. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new and teach in the future.

Marianna Guthrie

Brand & Content Marketing Supervisor

Background: Dealership Marketing
(650) 887-7711

After graduating from the University of South Carolina in 2004, Marianna relocated to Hilton Head Island, SC, where she began her digital marketing career. In 2014, she relocated to Athens, GA, and began working for a high volume Ford dealership. In 2017, she began overseeing marketing efforts for 2 additional dealerships located in Charlotte, NC.


While in Athens, Marianna championed a new philanthropic project called Wishes For Wheels to donate bicycles to the local Salvation Army for the holidays. Over the next 7 years the project donated over 1,000 bikes to local children and was featured in Automotive News for this achievement.

Sam Winsky

Sales Engineer

Background: Reconditioning, Collision, and Parts
(380) 799-8087

In her 25 years in the auto industry, Sam has earned credentials in Lean/Six Sigma training, with a background in parts, service, and collision repair. She has extensive experience in high-volume reconditioning at large-scale, nationwide facilities. She joined Rapid Recon in 2022 as a performance manager and member of the company’s Recon Edge team. Her passion is for process implementation, standardization, and continuous improvement.  Sam and her wife Kristan have a daughter, Liv, whom Sam adores even more than the car of her dreams, a VW Thing.

bryan anderson

implementation specialist

Background: Service, Reconditioning, Parts

(650) 322-0600 ext. 843

Bryan began his automotive career in 2012 as a porter for a local Kansas City dealership. He has more than 10 years of experience in automotive reconditioning, having also been a detailer, service advisor, and fixed operations manager. Bryan joined Rapid Recon in 2022 as an Implementation Specialist, specializing in workflow performance, customer satisfaction, and process management.


Account Manager

Background: Service, Automotive Marketing

Manny began his 20 year automotive career with Penske Nascar and F1 teams. He then worked for CARFAX before transitioning over to the dealer side where he worked as a Service Advisor for Toyota, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz stores.

Manny lives in the Dallas area with his wife and three amazing daughters. When he’s not working, he enjoys exploring Texas and spending time with his Dogo Argentino, Bentley!


Performance Consultant

Background: Service, Parts, Reconditioning Manager

Scott has 20 years of experience at the dealership level with Hendrick Automotive Group.  He began his career as a Service Advisor for two years and then spent 18 years as a Reconditioning Manager, all with highline vehicle brands BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Lexus. As a Reconditioning Manager, Scott helped a four store automall develop best practices and processes to become efficient and produce high volume results!

When he’s not talking cars, Scott enjoys spending time with his daughter.

Technicians Team

Daniel Ligas

Sr. Software Engineer Lead

Daniel is a seasoned software engineer who began his career in full-stack development in 2005. He joined Rapid Recon in 2017. He has worked with a wide range of technologies, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, C#, NodeJS, MSSQL, MySQL, and AWS Serverless. A graduate from the University of Arizona, Daniel started his career building web pages and then as lead developer for an online registration company whose clients included Motorola, Freescale, and NXP. At Rapid Recon, he plans, implements, and maintains code on all aspects of the Rapid Recon application.

Besnik Piaskowski-Celiku

Software Support Engineer 

Besnik has seven years of technical support and customer service experience. He was also part of law enforcement and corrections for five years before making his move from Alaska to Washington, where he began his journey with Rapid Recon. When he is not fishing or hiking in his spare time, he can be found tinkering with computer software and hardware components.

firmino toste

account manager

Firmino started his career in construction engineering design before transitioning into sales. He has a knack for developing rapport and working hand-in-hand with customers to identify and solve problems and manage large-scale projects to complete client satisfaction. He brings years of sales and account/project management experience to automotive reconditioning, working directly with auto dealers to help them maximize their efficiency and achieve their overall goals.

Rick Ligas

Software Engineering Manager

Rick began his software career in 1990. He has focused his work on the auto industry, specifically reconditioning software, since 2012 when he started work with Rapid Recon as a freelance user interface designer. He joined the company full time in 2017. Previously he worked on lead processing software, medical industry clinical management software, and doctor office automation. He has been awarded the prestigious InVision Award for the best software, Multimedia Division, for two applications used for treating drug and alcohol addiction. In his free time, he enjoys biking the beautiful trails of his native state, Ohio.

Samantha Nasworthy

Operations Specialist

Samantha has been with Rapid Recon since 2016, serving as an Implementation Project manager. She has, however, played a freelance operations role within Rapid Recon for about 10 years. Sam has a background in digital marketing within the automotive space, which is how she was introduced to Rapid Recon. She lives in Sarasota, Florida, and is the mother of four children, ranging in ages from five to 12 years old, and spends her free time going to the beach and enjoying other outdoor activities with her family.

Laura Ruggeri

Graphic/UI Designer

Laura is a graphic designer with 30-plus years of experience. She studied art and design in Milan, Italy, and worked there for many years for companies like Fiat Alfa Romeo, Pininfarina, and Nissan. She moved to the U.S. in 1998 and focused on software interface design, working on medical and process management software. Since 2013, she has been focused on Rapid Recon reconditioning software, using her creative skills on interface design, marketing, and online training materials. She is a Certified 500- Hour Viniyoga teacher. She joined Rapid Recon full time in 2017. She loves bike riding and photography.

Tim Jones

Sr. Software Developer

Tim is a seasoned software engineer who grew up writing games for a TRS-80. He received his degree in Applied Mathematics in Computer Science from Texas A&M. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and has several patents. He has led software development for Fortune 500 companies and small team startups. Tim joined Rapid Recon in 2016 to help build its underlying technology. He enjoys riding his mountain bike and outdoor adventures.


Customer Support
650-322-0600 ext. 848

Summer has worked in customer support for over five years ranging from finance, sales, to telecom support. She enjoys that her position allows her to guide people through their customer support needs. Georgia is her home, but she enjoys traveling often with her two dogs.