Your online customers want information NOW

Dealerships must uplevel their online communication to meet customer expectations for fast response times on inquiries, more complete and accurate information about the cars they’re interested in, and an easy shopping experience.


Rapid's White Glove Autoresponders

Once Rapid Engage is set up, it is 100% automatic—for every vehicle in your inventory, every response to a customer inquiry, and every proactive notification. We set it up for you using our CRM templates. No action from your salespeople or other dealership personnel is required!

The Power of Rapid Engage

Sharing Made Easy

Price Change Alerts & Notifications

When a vehicle price changes, Rapid Engage instantly sends your digital vehicle portfolio and price change alert to shoppers. Your sales team and BDC agents are notified when customers engage with their updates. You are in control of what and when notifications are sent.

Heat Mapping Analytics

Understand your shopper behaviors with Rapid Engage heat mapping analytics. Quickly identify your most engaged shoppers and what vehicle information matters most to them in their decision‑making process.

Chrome extension

Rapid Recon's Chrome extension pulls the information you need into the platforms you use. OEM window stickers, vehicle build sheets, reconditioning updates, and diagnostic status reports (VINSight), no more bouncing between platforms.

Harness the Power of AI

Accurately bring in OEM data including port and limited production installed accessories to create accurate descriptions that add value to your DVP's.

Portfolio Customization

Portfolios can be individually customized with the images and content you choose, conditional settings allow for automatic placement based on criteria such as year, make, model, and mileage. You set it and forget it possibilities are endless.

Metrics You Can Trust




One Platform, Fully Integrated, One Login

The last thing you need is another tool, tab, or login. That’s why we built our system to work seamlessly right inside the tools our dealers utilize every day. We understand the importance and convenience this provides to our dealers. Keep it simple!

Dealership Customizations

(Brand it Your Way)

On Brand With Being on Brand

Make updates at the template level so that you can ‘set it and forget it’ while knowing your inventory will always be displayed within OEM parameters.

You spend a tremendous amount of money maintaining your website. Don’t allow your digital vehicle portfolios to detract from your branded site. Keep your website compliant with specific OEM requirements, even if your website is co-branded!