Rapid Recon™ takes customer satisfaction to the next level. Our technology integrates with your workflow system to customize and adapt to your changing needs. Our team works with your dealership from the initial launch period and beyond. You will always have a dedicated support staff on your side.

General FAQs

  • We receive a data feed of your up-to-date inventory every morning from your DMS or Inventory Management application. In some cases we are able to update more frequently, even hourly.
  • Authorized data sources include ADP, DealerTrack, UCS, vAuto, FirstLook, DealerSocket AAX, HomeNet, VinSolutions, Advent, eBizautos, and Dealer Specialties.
  • Vehicles can also be manually be added at any time. When the next data feed arrives, each record is updated to match the DMS information including updating the stock number
  • Sold cars are automatically removed, archived and retrievable for two years, along with all notes.

A user makes a single click to move the car to it’s next designated step alerting those responsible next in line that the car is now ready for them to perform their task.

All recon steps are important but the order that a vehicle moves through recon does not need to be sequential. Steps may be skipped if not required or vehicles can be moved out of order to accommodate capacity issues.  The Time-to-Market  report properly accounts for the overall time. Each step may also be isolated to investigate the actual average time in step compared to expected or compared to previous time periods.

Each Rapid Recon™ system is custom designed to accommodate your existing workflow. Our Process Performance Managers are always available to help fine tune your system with suggestions and best practices used by the top performing dealerships to help you achieve maximum performance and the shortest Time-to-Market possible.

  • The Time-to-Market report  is accessible online 24/7 and can provide an overall Time-to-Market average.  Or each step can be measured individually, which helps to determine problem areas. The Time-to-Market report contains six months of data and a drill down function to the details of every car’s history.
  • An automated daily email is sent to management and users showing all cars and all steps, including notes and time in step, time since recon started, and days in DMS.

No, we do not push data back to your DMS as this could cause other unrelated problems. For this reason we have created an editable Notes section where you can summarize the estimate or edit templates that can be created. You can also copy and paste information from your service estimate work screen to easily summarize needed repairs for approval.

Records and Files

All vehicle information, including the Notes, is archived in our system for two years.

Once a car is sold, unless it is still in the active recon process, it automatically drops out of the system and all information is archived for two years. Any car can be pulled back from archive during this time. If a car is sold and still live in the recon process there is a character designation placed next to the stock number denoting that it is no longer seen in the DMS.

Yes, cars headed for wholesale are dropped directly into that step as soon as possible. Notifications can be sent to your auction rep, auction manager, transport company and anyone else to help move them as soon as they are ready.

Install and Training

An average system can be designed and installed within 10 business days. More complicated systems may take longer.

  • Even though Rapid Recon™ is very intuitive, your Process Performance Manager will organize an initial kickoff and training session. Ongoing training and support is provided including a complete library of instructional videos.
  • Inside the application under the help menu – Rapid Recon™ University is available to all customers on a variety of training topics.

Once we design and build your system your Process Performance Manager gets your business up and running with Rapid Recon™.  Our experienced professionals guide you through the set-up process to ensure seamless integration without interruption of your day-to-day operations.

We are with you every step of the way, from install to operation. We’ll teach you the complete functionality and capability of our program, while you apply your operational and industry knowledge. Your team will quickly learn to use Rapid Recon™ consistently and effectively.

Some systems rely on manuals or templates to show you the features of their programs — leaving you to teach yourself. Rapid Recon’s™ team helps you implement your new system quickly, putting you directly in the driver’s seat. Each user will learn how to use the system while looking at your dealership’s specific data and inventory.

Mobile Ready

  • Rapid Recon™ supports all mobile devices including Apple, Android and Windows Mobile.  Since it is a Cloud-based application it is not necessary to download an app.
  • Mobile devices allow Text Notifications and enable busy people to make decisions on the fly, which keeps the cars moving!



    • Rapid Recon™ takes customer satisfaction to the next level. Our Cloud-based application can be customized to accommodate your current workflow processes and can be easily and quickly edited to to meet your changing needs.
    • From the very first day your Project Performance Manager works with your staff to make sure your system design meets your dealership’s specific requirements, then provides ongoing training and feedback to help you reach your target Time-to-Market performance goals.  Plus, our dedicated support staff is always available to solve any and all technical issues.
    • Rapid Recon™ is custom built to accommodate and enhance your dealership processes.
    • Find out how easy and affordable it is to get started.




  • Get frontline ready faster!
  • Increase inventory turn.
  • Approve RO’s with the touch of a button!
  • Manage recon from your smart phone.
  • Automated daily status updates.
  • Update vehicle status & movement with QR code scanning.
  • Find vehicle location quickly.