Gross Calculator

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When you schedule your online demo, you'll see how dealers in the US & Canada are:
  • Increasing the Percentage of Cars Sold in the First 21 to 30 Days
  • Adding Two or More Inventory Turns to the Bottom Line
  • Increasing gross by 17%
  • Reducing Holding Cost by 50%

Determine your hidden gross, inventory turns, selling days and vehicle sales by cutting T2L.

Holding Cost Calculator

Holding Costs, Kill Gross!

If you still run your recon department on "gut feel" and not metrics, you're losing money. Delays, distractions and inattention can add days to recon time and erode gross. Vehicle reconditioning is an essential process for every used car department. It not only gets vehicles ready for consumers’ eyeballs but when it gets them frontline ready fast it can mean more gross on every sale.