Appraisal tools


Appraisal tools


  • Increase Speed to Sale
  • Custom Workflow
  • Bottleneck Elimination
  • Holding Cost Control
  • Custom Digital Forms
  • Vendor Management
  • Robust Reporting
  • Multi-Store Management
  • Automated Notifications 
  • Approval Suite with Media
  • Industry Process Consulting
  • Cross-Departmental Accountability
  • Multi-Platform Integration

Appraisal tools

  • Mobile Friendly Format
  • 95%+ Brand Coverage
  • Original Build Data
  • Includes Port-Installed Options
  • Includes Limited Production Options
  • State Compliance Features
  • Access During Appraisal
  • Custom Web Browser Extension
  • Accurate Customer-facing Information
  • Competitive Advantage Sales Tool
  • Rapid Recon Integration
  • RapidEngage Integration
  • Rapid VINSight Integration


  • CRM Integration
  • Brand Vehicle Brochures
  • Brand Window Stickers
  • Brand Build Sheets
  • Automated Customer Response
  • New Car Buying Experience
  • Set It and Forget It
  • Rapid Recon Integration
  • Heat Mapping Analytics
  • Automated Price Alerts
  • Custom Dealership Modules
  • Sales Staff Empowerment
  • Multi-Brand Compliant Customization

Appraisal tools

  • Mobile Friendly Format
  • Brand Window Stickers
  • Diagnostic Status Reports
  • Remove Appraisal Blind Spots
  • Easy to Understand Language
  • Parts and Labor Pricing
  • Easy to use Plug-In Play
  • Open Safety Recall Detail
  • Code Activity and History
  • System Reset History
  • Evidence Based Appraisals
  • Rapid Recon Integration
  • Cross-Departmental Communication

Create a Speed-To-Sale Culture

Rapid Recon’s suite of products provides store-by-store customized solutions from appraisal through the point of sale.

Empower Your Staff

Know where each car is and what needs to be done next, all from one platform.

Work Your Way

We custom tailor our solutions to enhance your operations using your processes.

Appraise With Accuracy
Eliminate profit blind spots through complete transparency with real-time vehicle data.

Buy With Confidence

Purchase your inventory with confidence with instant-access to OEM window stickers & build sheets.

Sell With Integrity

Build trust with your prospects through full vehicle transparency of build data, history and manufacturer brochures.

Elevate the Buying Experience

Equip buyers with everything they need to decide. Keep prospects engaged with auto-responsive price updates, and OEM information.

Integrate Your Systems

Experience seamless synergy where everything works together, maximizing automation, productivity, and efficiency.

Manage Multiple Rooftops

Recon bridging allows cross-location visibility and management by integrating all group stores with a centralized reconditioning facility.

Find out how much you could save with us!

More than software
– we're car business experts

Our experts literally came out of the automotive industry; we know your business because we’ve lived it. Today, more than 2,400 dealerships and more than 40,000 users within those dealerships actively engage with Rapid Recon daily, creating a speed to sale culture that’s 80% faster.

“14 years ago reconditioning software didn’t exist so we invented it.”
– Dennis McGinn, CEO, Founder




You can dramatically improve speed-to-sale… you just need the right tool for the job.

See and control your entire recon process from anywhere in real time.

With Rapid Recon, the exact reconditioning position and status of every car—where it is, where it’s going next, its repair estimates, its recon costs by car, and more—is a screen swipe away.