Get Frontline Ready in 3-5 Days With Rapid Recon

In today's competitive and velocity-driven market, time is precious, margins are compressed, and there's no room for error. You need a solution to measure and manage your car reconditioning process. Rapid Recon will provide data-driven metrics that allow you to identify your inefficiencies and bottlenecks, know where your cars are, and provide the transparency and accountability you need to reduce friction between departments and personnel. You will become more efficient, speed up reconditioning time, and increase inventory turn and profitability.

Rapid Recon Introduces

Two Game-Changing Metrics For Auto Reconditioning

The T2L (Time to Line) Metric follows the dealers money and measures ALL steps, from acquisition to frontline ready.
The ADR (Average Days in Recon) Metric focuses on just the reconditioning touch points so that the recon team can get measurable data and thereby manage it and have a process of continuous improvement.

ADR FINDS $399,446

In Additional Gross For Kelley Automotive

Trent’s analysis showed that getting vehicles through reconditioning and to the sales line three days faster increased sales gross by $291,951. Getting to a three-day ADR (Average Days in Recon) grows that to $399,446

“Our team has fully embraced the system. Using Rapid Recon with its mobile app is like playing hot potato – nobody wants to be responsible for holding up the process. We’re certainly seeing how its use is increasing turn and improving grosses for Kelley Automotive Group”


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Find Out How Much You Could Save!

SCHEDULE A DEMO and see how dealers in the US & Canada are:

  • Increase the Percentage of Cars Sold in the First 21 to 30 Days
  • Add Two or More Inventory Turns to the Bottom Line
  • Increase Gross by 17%
  • Reduce Holding Cost by 50%

Determine your hidden gross, inventory turns, selling days and vehicle sales by cutting T2L.

Rapid Recon was featured on the cover of Profit Center

Read the featured article and see how Rapid Recon has changed the game.


If your team is still using a spreadsheet, whiteboard, or your fingers, to track and manage auto reconditioning, your process leaks time and money that’s wrecking retail gross and inventory turn.

GMs who create auto reconditioning time-to-market cultures influence the biggest profit drive in the dealership. Learn what hundreds of general managers already know, you can’t improve what you can’t measure.

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How Does It Work?

Drive down recon costs. With Rapid Recon automation technology, you can get vehicles frontline ready in four to five days – not 10 to 12.

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Mobile Ready on All Platforms

Rapid Recon in the palm of your hand.

Everyone on your staff can manage your car recondition on the fly. When someone completes their work they move the vehicle into the next step with a click of a button, automatically generating a text or email notification to the next person(s) in line, alerting them the car is now ready for their attention. Notes can be added too! You always know exactly where the vehicle is, who has it and for how long. This dramatically lowers confusion and uncertainty, which in turn, makes everyone more productive. All of your devices will sync smoothly with either the desktop or mobile applications, and will run on all devices whether Apple, Android or Windows operating systems.

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  • Get frontline ready faster!
  • Increase inventory turn.
  • Approve ROs with the touch of a button!
  • Manage recon from your smartphone.
  • Receive automated daily status updates.
  • Update vehicle status & movement with QR code scanning.