Less Paper, More Progress


Recon Inspect™ is a web-based inspection portfolio designed for vehicle reconditioning when using Rapid Recon. The forms, which can be completely customized, integrate seamlessly into the Rapid Recon system and can even be mapped to automatically create work items under certain conditions.

If you are using paper or PDF Used Vehicle Inspection forms, then Recon Inspect™ will simplify your intake and use less paper while producing more progress!


Dealers requested a way to uniformly collect the used vehicle inspection data that’s fast, easy, and accurate. In addition this action needed to be legible, accessible, and transparent internally and optionally transparent to the consumer.


The Recon Inspect™ custom forms feature allows dealerships to recreate their old paper-based documents as digital forms.

Custom forms not only improve workflow but also reduce the time it takes to get vehicles ready for the frontline, ultimately increasing profits. The forms can be easily created by adding fields on either mobile or desktop devices, making it convenient for dealerships to customize the form to their specific needs.

One of the key features of Rapid Recon’s custom UVI forms is the ability to map work items within the forms. This means that specific tasks can be automatically generated based on the information provided in the forms. Recon Inspect™ custom forms streamline the vehicle preparation process and ensure that nothing is overlooked.

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