Rapid Recon uses our mobile app to scan your vehicles, this brings up all the vehicle information and also records the location of a vehicle. As a user you have the option to track using the Rapid Recon user interface or use Live Locate to track the vehicle and keys LIVE as they move.

Take a quick walk through Rapid Recon with Keith Brice. Learn where the phrase "Communication, Accountability, and Transparency" originated from.

Rapid Recon features powerful real-time reporting capabilities for: performance evaluation, process improvement, resource planning and cost analysis. No long-term contract required and no equipment to purchase or install.

If your team is still using a spreadsheet, a whiteboard - or your fingers - to track and manage reconditioning, your process leaks time and money that’s wrecking retail gross and inventory turn. Rapid recon is a web-based auto reconditioning software accessible from any computer, tablet or smart-phone bringing structure, control and clarity to your reconditioning operation.

Beck Automotive Group Testimonial

Wayne talks the speed of Time to Line

Kelley Automotive Group Testimonial

Trent talks finding the buried money, transparency, accountability, and communication.

Wise Automotive Group Testimonial

Bradley Orr talks about Rapid Recon and how it helps with bottlenecks.

What is Rapid Recon

What does Rapid Recon do for Auto Dealers? What's coming to Rapid Recon? Why do Auto Dealers buy Rapid Recon?

A Look Under the Hood of Reconditioning 1

Part 1: This video will share some of the industry's best practices as they relate to used vehicle reconditioning. We focus primarily on fixed operations, and offer tips and processes that save time.

A Look Under the Hood of Reconditioning 2

Part 2: This video dives into the relationship between fixed and variable and shows the importance of having your sales staff engaged in the reconditioning communication.

NADA Interview with Dennis McGinn & Jasen Rice

Recon Expert Dennis McGinn and Jason Rice interviewed at NADA by CBT News.

NADA 2020 Dennis McGinn

Recon Expert Dennis McGinn interviewed at NADA.

Bill Jacobs Auto Group Testimonial

Greg Joutros the CEO talks about how they recon 400-500 used cars a month and the impact that Rapid Recon has had on their operations.

CBT Interview: June 25, 2019

CBT interview with the CEO of Rapid Recon, Dennis McGinn.

Jason Church Talks Time to Line

Jason Church, a happy customer, shares about the benefits of Rapid Recon.

Testimonal by Jerry Heinecke at Morries Ford

Hear directly from one of our dealers.

Testimonial by Scott Pettitt of Ford Fairfield

On the road to more profitable used car operations, an increasing number of dealers are aligning their resources and processes to operate at best-practices level of reconditioning performance.

Tom Dunn of Fred Martin Superstore

Everyone on your staff can manage your recondition on the fly with this cloud based used car dealer software.

Ricart Testimonial

Dealers all across the nation are building a Time-to-Market culture with Rapid Recon’s reconditioning workflow tool. Keep work flowing and identify bottlenecks so you can resolve them fast.

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Rapid Recon is the industry-standard workflow management solution for vehicle reconditioning unifying departments and vendors with the accountability of people, process, and property to increase inventory turns and accelerate speed to sale. 20,000+ users access the powerful, easy-to-use, cost-effective workflow management solution customized for each dealership’s unique culture and processes With more than 13 million vehicles managed, Rapid Recon has the data and team of dealer experts to deliver benchmarking and best practices for continual improvement by design. Our experienced performance team managers know your business because they’ve lived it.

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