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We created Rapid Recon reconditioning workflow software in 2010, establishing the vehicle reconditioning software market. Today, more than 2,400 dealerships and more than 40,000 users within those dealerships actively engage with Rapid Recon daily, getting cars frontline ready
80% faster.

Rapid Recon is always defining to provide car dealers the productivity, convenience, and profit-enabling tools they need, including, Vendor Advantage, Recon Connect™, Recon Edge™, and our Certified Partner Program, including Velocity Automotive, the leader in digital selling tools, and AutoAp, the leading provider of safety recall verification software. This website describes these enhancements and their benefit to you thoroughly.

Rapid Recon workflow software transforms used vehicle reconditioning into a continuously improving productivity engine that drives transparency, accountability, and efficiency throughout automobile dealership
profit centers.

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Vehicles properly reconditioned in three to five days retail faster, hold sale price, increase margin, and reduce come-backs. Proper reconditioning restores vehicle value, performance, and safety – and when select reconditioning details are shared with buyers, they have more trust in and desire for those cars.

The core Rapid Recon
trifecta is:

Transparency, so dealers can see and manage in real-time what is happening in fixed and variable – and so customers have access to vehicle history data, service maintenance reports, and evidence for the reconditioning done to the vehicle to help build value in your price and trust in your organization.

Accountability, throughout your workflow processes, so everyone works in a "hot potato" fashion to move cars forward from acquisition to sale, knowing their performance is the measurement of their success and yours, and,

Profitability, which increases through management by metrics, which in reconditioning means consistent and constant measurement and control of two essential time-based key performance indicators, time to line (T2L™) and Average Days in Recon (ADR). For dealers practicing our T2L efficiency standards, their time to get cars frontline ready drops by 80%!

We’re car people who help you leverage the business power of Rapid Recon software.

We’re not just software people. Customer-facing Rapid Recon product, support, and sales teams all have significant in-dealership experience as principals, directors, and department managers.
Rapid Recon software is also used by single rooftop operators and in small and large private and public dealership groups. Competitively priced and fully functional, Rapid Recon is the choice of dealers and dealer-operators who know no limits and allow no substitutes.

See just how Rapid Recon™ can improve your Speed-to-Sale.

We sell over 700 used cars a month. Tracking these vehicles through the reconditioning process has always been a task that is very difficult to deal with. With a dealership our size, Rapid Recon helped us manage the process. With the software that Rapid Recon has provided for us, we can find out where cars are at and at which step of the process. Finding out how fast their getting to the frontline has been terrific because in today's age of used car sales it's about speed to the frontline.

Jared Ricart | Reconditioning Manager | Ricart Automotive
We have been using Rapid Recon for quite a while and it has been a game changer for us. We use it at about 80% of its capacity and it is instrumental in coordinating 200 plus cars a month, for two stores, from multiple sources, in multiple locations at all times. We can track total days in recon, see where items get stuck, and quickly fix the problem. It works with our DMS and across multiple computer and table/smartphone platforms.

Chuck Dortenzio | Director Fixed Operations | Key Hyundai

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