Rapid Recon™ Success Stories

Dealers all across the nation are building a Time-to-Market culture with Rapid Recon’s reconditioning workflow tool.

First day of using Rapid Recon, I feel like I am 10 years younger, well maybe not but I assure you I’m 10 years smarter! Amazing! Simple and easy for gen y or x, whichever one I am. I am so happy! I was so afraid of it… Because you know me, I’m a hands on type that needs to see it, not just read it. I am so so happy about this! Rick my General Manager is happy. Used Car Manager and Recon Manager will get happy when they see it relieves all the pressure.

Vicki Harris | Fixed Operations Director | Chris Meyers Automall

Rapid Recon is the backbone of our recon process. With Rapid we know where every car is, how long it has been in recon and why. This gives us a level of accountability that was never possible before rapid recon.

Jeremy Mark | Recon Manager | Michael’s Toyota of Bellevue

We are now doing volume reconditioning in 24 hours. Our cars are on the front line the day after we get them. With rapid recon we have control and proof for everyone to see.

Tom Restino | VP of Operations | Depaula Chevrolet

I came across rapid recon. Bottom line, it is so simple to use…yes, so good at what it is supposed to do.

Jeff Mayer | General Manager | Marion Toyota

Rapid Recon is that fabric that binds every car to every person from auction/trade, to sale finalized.

Ed Hyde | Owner | Legacy Nissan

Rapid Recon is helping us to centralize all of our North Florida used vehicle inventories. Not only does it track every step in the reconditioning process, it also acts as our communication board between all four stores regarding used vehicle merchandising, transportation, and pricing.

Inventory Manager | Duval Motor Company

Duval Motor Company Logo
We first heard about Rapid Recon at our last 20 group meeting. Sixty days later we have it installed in our Nissan, Infinti and Mercedes-Benz stores. The improvement in process performance and accountability is already exceptional and we are just getting warmed up.

Charlie Hicks | Dealer Principal | Ed Hicks Family of Dealerships

Rapid Recon is a great value as it provides necessary info for my staff to get our luxury inventory ready to sell in a quick and efficient manner. Fast recon processes equates to quick inventory sales!

Joe Seppa | General Manager | Morrie’s Luxury Auto

Rapid Recon was conceived right here at Magnussen Lexus. We never had reliable information about how long our cars were taking from purchase or trade cleared to front line ready prior to Rapid Recon. We used to think that reconditioning time was determined by the time spent in service and detail but now we know that reconditioning is about Time To Market (TTM) and Rapid Recon gives us the average TTM so we know where to adjust our resources each month to keep improving. Even sales can see what cars are in recon and where right from their iphones.

Bo Magnussen | General Manager | Magnussen Lexus

I can’t even imagine running any reconditioning operation today without this.

Tom Dunn | General Manager | Fred Martin Superstore

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Benefits of using Rapid Recon™:

  • Get frontline ready faster!
  • Increase inventory turn.
  • Approve RO’s with the touch of a button!
  • Manage recon from your smart phone.
  • Automated daily status updates.
  • Update vehicle status & movement with QR code scanning.
  • Find vehicle location quickly.