See And Control Every Step Of Your Recon

Keep work flowing and identify bottlenecks so you can resolve them fast.

Rapid recon is a web-based application accessible from any computer, tablet or smart-phone bringing structure, control and clarity to your reconditioning operation.

Modernizing Recon with Workflow Technology

  • Rapid Recon technology is 100% fitted to your recon workflow process.
  • Track vehicles through recon in real time from anywhere.
  • Allow RO’s to get approved from a touch of a button.
  • Manage recon from your smart phone.
  • Get automated daily updates on all open safety recalls.
  • Update vehicle status & movement with QR code scanning.
  • Find vehicle location through geolocation technology.
  • Access to industry best practices and step times.

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All New Reporting Features & Graphics:

  • Get daily, weekly or monthly reporting on employee activity, step times, holding cost and Time-to-Market metrics
  • Compare your stats within your dealer group or against the industries best
  • Detailed graphics on past performance and current performance trends
  • Real time reporting that creates transparency and accountability
  • Departmental and individual performance reports

Open Safety Recall Notices Automated

Rapid Recon clients can now close the loop on safety recall risk inside of the reconditioning process, by identifying safety recalls on their in-brand and off-brand pre-owned inventory daily. Rapid Recon checks 100% of a dealer’s used inventory everyday against our best-in-class safety recall data, reducing dealers’ safety recall risk.

Rapid Recon’s Safety Recall Management Benefits:

  • Reduced Recall Liability
  • Increased Warranty Revenue
  • Improved Customer Safety
  • Enhanced Market Differentiation
  • Optimized Service Bay Utilization
  • Reduced Overhead Costs

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Benefits of using Rapid Recon™:

  • Get frontline ready faster!
  • Increase inventory turn.
  • Approve RO’s with the touch of a button!
  • Manage recon from your smart phone.
  • Automated daily status updates.
  • Update vehicle status & movement with QR code scanning.
  • Find vehicle location quickly.