COVID-19 Press Release

Rapid Recon Expands Online Training Capabilities, Suspends Onsite Customer Training Due to Coronavirus. Rapid Recon, the nation’s most extensive vehicle reconditioning technology company, announced today the temporary suspension of onsite training and the expansion of its online training program. Both decisions help address health concerns for dealership customer personnel and Rapid Recon employees, due to COVID-19 pandemic travel concerns.

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More Ways to Drive Cost Out of Recon

The most direct path to better used-car gross margin is through well-ordered reconditioning. Ordered reconditioning means management practices five disciplines for driving time, delay, friction and waste from this engine of used-car profitability. Practicing these disciplines consistently helps get cars through recon in hours, not days. The common thread shared by these disciplines is measurability. As management guru Peter Drucker famously once said, “What gets measured gets managed.”

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Two-Ingredient Recipe for Used Car Success

Used car profitability expert Jasen Rice helps dealers distill an ocean of inventory stocking and pricing data down to the basics needed to increase turn and margin. Recon evangelist Dennis McGinn preaches faster time-to-line disciplines, so cars hit the sales line fresher so they can sell more quickly for better margin.

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Rapid Recon Detailing Tips Detail Photo

Recon Hack #1901 – Detailing Stages

Problem: Detailers all attack a car with different methods and processes. Sometimes the same type of car can take different times based on who and when they get assigned. Different amounts of materials are used, and different quality issues come up. It’s also hard to decide how to pay.

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Your Best Used Car Sales Tool – Photos First

Get Cars Imaged and Frontline-Ready Faster to Boost Used Car Sales Talk about disruptive – it turns out the best selling tool you can give your used car sales team is faster reconditioning! Not a new ad campaign. Not a new CRM. Not even better

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Holding Cost Killing Your Gross?

Vehicle reconditioning is an essential process for every used car department. It not only gets vehicles ready for consumers’ eyeballs, but when it gets them front line ready fast, it can mean more gross on every sale. Every used car manager knows this intuitively. I’m

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