5 Steps to getting your Recon Process under control

How do I get my Recon Process under control?

The simple answer is, “Start at the end and work back.” But, to accomplish this feat, you need to connect all your processes with anyone who touches your cars — including subs and vendors — and then use the ingredients listed below.

First, it is a matter of deciding that reconditioning performance is at least as important as any other part of your business; then, the rest is actually quite easy. Switching your processes over to a workflow management system is straightforward and extremely intuitive for all workers to use. Consider the following steps when you are ready to get started:

Adopt best practices based on metrics derived from many thousands of vehicles in order to drive measurement and management of recon.

Implement a customizable workflow engine that monitors and supports all your unique processes and quickly adapts to changing requirements in real time.

Gain an experienced and readily available support staff accountable through a transparent and highly responsive workflow and performance-based management system.

Stay live and online with all recon management and staff completely mobile at all times through a smartphone or tablet with full and direct access for all users.

Commit fully to continuous process improvement and give workers the ability to register their “own” work and establish a culture for improvement and innovation.

Getting recon under control is not easy unless you have the right work ow tool. And, when the process is finally in place, the rewards, both financial and operational, are well worth it. The results are so transformative that, not only does it improve your ability to sell more vehicles, the entire work environment becomes a much more collaborative, efficient and enjoyable place to work. Users love to show how well they are performing, and can actually see how much their individual output impacts time-to-market.

By “starting at the end and working back,” you will finally be able to target your averages for overall recon time-to-market, and for the major components — service, detail and photos. These are the bookends of your recon process and de ne your capacity to deliver a three, four or five-day recon turn. A rule of thumb is, if you want a five-day recon turn, the combination of the service, detail and photos process runs consistently less than three days. And, to have accountability, you must show verifiable metrics, which are controlled by the individuals doing the work.

Every dealership has its unique characteristics. These five ingredients will vary even between stores in the same auto group, but they all need to be present to have control and accountability.


Dennis McGinn is the founder and CEO of Rapid Recon. He can be contacted at 866.268.3582, or by email at dmcginn@autosuccessonline.com.

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