End the Blame Game in Recon

Blame – assign responsibility for a fault or wrong.

Most dealership personnel will associate the term Reconditioning with Time-to-Line, although TTL involves much more than the normal “mechanical and cosmetic” processes. When I was in the dealership, the majority of the reconditioning of a used vehicle was the responsibility (or assumed responsibility) of the Service Dir/Mgr. Most of the blame for inefficiencies in the process were laid at the feet of that same Manager or Department. Accountability was determined by a spreadsheet or white board. With Rapid Recon, you can throw those in the trash.

Rapid Recon, in the hands of a TTL focused Service Mgr/Dir is highly effective and will create natural efficiencies in the process, resulting not only in more turn and front gross, but additional labor hours and parts sold. 

Rapid Recon connects everyone involved in the recon process, thereby eliminating blame.  We are as much a communication tool as anything and our system let’s EVERYONE communicate on one platform with notes, estimates, pictures, and time lines.

By notifying a UCM with an automatic text on his/her cell phone of a pending approval, we have injected instant mobility into the process and at the same time shifted the accountability from Fixed Ops to the UCM (something the Fixed Ops personnel loves). Before using RR, the GM had no clear metrics on how long it took his/her UCM to approve a repair. It was always he said/she said. Now the UCM is totally accountable and as a result, the Fixed Ops process becomes more efficient. Vehicles will stay in the assembly line of reconditioning, that is, techs will not have to move vehicles in and out of their stalls, or up and down their lifts. Approvals will go from hours to minutes if not seconds resulting in higher productivity for Fixed Ops which translates into more flag hours for techs and a fatter paycheck at the end of the week. This should be the overlying incentive for Fixed Ops, specifically techs, to embrace our system.

Go to https://www.rapidrecon.com to schedule a demo of some live systems.

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