Do You Have a Time-to-Line Culture?

Time-to-Line (T2L) should be the single most important objective that defines your dealership’s culture. This objective should bind all recon resources together from the time vehicles are acquired to the time they hit the front-line. And, to institutionalize a true time-to- market culture, tools for real-time visibility need to be in place in order for a finger-pointing culture to be out of place.

Having the proper tool to ensure a fully transparent and accountable workplace helps anyone who touches any vehicle do the job more reliably, without effort and with far less uncertainty.

This long list can include lot attendants, techs, detailers, body shop, sublets, vendors, service management, parts, sales and sales management. However, the most important person in the T2L equation is the GM. He or she definitely sets the tone; the GM is where it all comes together.

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