COVID-19 Press Release

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Rapid Recon Expands Online Training Capabilities,
Suspends Onsite Customer Training Due to Coronavirus

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Rapid Recon, the nation’s most extensive vehicle reconditioning technology company, announced today the temporary suspension of onsite training and the expansion of its online training program. Both decisions help address health concerns for dealership customer personnel and Rapid Recon employees, due to COVID-19 pandemic travel concerns.


To maintain the highest levels of customer performance and support, Rapid Recon expanded its team of process performance management experts by 50%.
“The safety and well-being of our customers’ personnel and of the Rapid Recon team is our top priority, as it has always been,” said Dennis McGinn, Rapid Recon chief executive officer. “We will continue to monitor the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, and we will be taking necessary precautions to ensure our continued service and support to the automotive industry.”
In addition to the increase in the Rapid Recon online support team, the company also retained the services of several companies specializing in video online training to assist in this expansion.


Over the past 10 years, Rapid Recon has developed a comprehensive online training protocol, which more than 2,000 dealers nationwide and in three countries.


February was a record-breaking sales month for the company, with more than 70 new dealer partners joining Rapid Recon to improve their inventory turn, per-vehicle revenue, and unique sales advantages. At NADA, the company announced two new products, Vendor Advantage and Live Locate, and adding six new teammates to meet market demands for its leading vehicle reconditioning software solution.

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