The Next Rapid Recon Introduces Less Scrolling, Fewer Clicks For Performing Recon Tasks More Quickly and Conveniently

PALO ALTO, CA, November 10, 2020

The Next Rapid Recon, the efficiency standard in reconditioning time-to-line workflow software, announced today several efficiency and usability advances enhancing the user experience.

This User Interface (UI) advancement makes the Next Rapid Recon the most robust and advanced dealership software system for improving reconditioning time to line (T2L®), speed to sale and used car profitability.

The Next Rapid Recon’s advanced UI expertly organizes team communications and simplifies approvals, speeding up how fast dealer users will move cars through reconditioning.

“Faster reconditioning speed to sale originates in nimble and intuitive software interface tools,” said Rapid Recon Product Manager Josh Coutts, a former dealership preowned service and reconditioning manager. “This new, advanced Rapid Recon UI helps users accelerate task assignment, management, and reporting, so they save steps and time to cars frontline ready.”

New efficiency steps built into this new Rapid Recon UI help dealers:

  • Access information and bring it forward with less scrolling and fewer clicks, so data is immediately available for decision‑making.
  • Filter search results, so only the looked-for vehicles and information populate the UI.
  • Command critical decision-making fast, as color-coded tabs and data fields help direct the eyes to items needing immediate attention. Furthermore, exact-vehicle photographs imbedded in items assure that data are connected with the right vehicles. These critical decisioning items ensure task completion, build user confidence, and ensure the right vehicles needing attention, and approvals get them quickly.
  • Bring searched for vehicles upfront and center on screen using a new Priority cue that when clicked yields VIN and image content for fast and precise visual confirmation.
  • Filter out unwanted details, so the UI screen populates only the essential detail and information they want.
  • Simplify and speed up Approvals, providing decisioning on an even more precise level.
  • Dispatch Status updates fast, using a new bulk update feature, so relevant information moves quickly to the service department.

The Next Rapid Recon UI – less scrolling, fewer clicks, and more – developed to improve speed dealers’ speed to sale, increase inventory turn, and improve per-vehicle retail revenue.

With more than 20,000 monthly users, Rapid Recon has the data and dealership experts to deliver benchmarking and best practices for vehicle reconditioning continuous improvement by design. Rapid Recon performance team managers know your business because they’ve lived it.

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About Rapid Recon

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