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That are built with your needs in mind

The Next Rapid Recon is an advanced infrastructure that pulls auto dealers’ most-requested features and benefits to the forefront of this industry-standard reconditioning workflow management system.

This advanced infrastructure means the Next Rapid Recon is utmost flexible, responsive, and intuitive. Designed to quickly adapt to market demand, The Next Rapid Recon is designed to always stay ahead of the needs of the customer.

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What’s new?

We’ve recreated the look and feel of the original Rapid Recon, which our customers have come to trust, so starting over isn’t a concern. With new features that drive efficiency, we’ve advanced forward what has always been a great user experience, but now more robust and more efficient.

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Product Advancements

Engineered from the voice of the customer directly to your software “The Next Rapid Recon” includes enhanced features such as Search Filtering, Vehicle Prioritization, A Standalone Approvals Suite, Additional Work Item Status Categories, Batch Approvals, Consolidated Vehicle Information, and more.