Rapid Recon Goes Mobile with iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, and Tablets

Managing Reconditioning has historically been left to the Used Car Manager and the Service Manager to sort out a constant stream of changing priorities which intensify as the weekend approaches.  With the introduction of workflow technology, keeping eveyone on the same page is straightforward so when these two managers start juggling priorities, the give and take has a basis in reality. 

Adding support for mobile devices, starting with the iPhone and iPad several months ago and now Android devices takes being on the same page to a new level.  Recon staff can now do everything on the fly, including receivng text messages when a car is ready for their attention and then a single click drops the car to the next step when their part is complete. The idea of knowing exactly where you stand and being able to control your actual completion time, dramatically lowers confusion and uncertainty, which in turn makes everyone more productive.

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