General Manager Sets the Recon Workflow Standard

Workflow automation is an area of process improvement in which businesses benefit from high efficiency, better time management and a higher level of performance all around. Automation eliminates errors in routing, completion and delivery.  And, it creates an environment where the processes can be completed in a fraction of the time. Basically, work is done faster and smarter with workflow automation.

After your workflow processes are in place and warmed up, management performance will be a reality.  You will be tracking all cars through recon from start to finish and your time-to-market metrics will give you and your recon team real verifiable data.

Hundreds of recon teams across the US have enthusiastically embraced this real-time solution by switching to a workflow process system designed to meet the needs of each dealership or dealership group.  There is now sufficient data verifying that “standardizing” recon on a workflow tool, with user controlled and verifiable metrics is the correct way to establish accountability and drive recon performance.

If you are not convinced about the proof, give me a call – 866.268.3582 – and I will make sure you get the facts first-hand from live customers.

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