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According to Dale Pollak’s blog, “Turnaround Specialist: A Dealer Shares 5 Secrets Behind His Used Vehicle Success,”  DEPAULA CHEVROLET, dealer of the year winner, shares the secrets of their success. They experienced an incredible turnaround in the used vehicle department over a 15-month time line.

Get in Sync

After adopting a new system using the Rapid Recon program to track reconditioning processes DEPAULA CHEVROLET improved overall as the company reporting growth in sales with a previous average of 60 used vehicles/ month to an average of 130/ month. Accurate communication being in sync in all areas of service within the company, getting cars in and out accurately from arrival to front-line, then SOLD in half the time reported the previous year!

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“If you don’t have everybody on board, understanding what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, you’re fighting an uphill battle,” Lynch says. “In a lot of dealerships, there’s animosity or dissension between departments. I think our biggest accomplishment was getting everyone to value the same things and march together in the same direction. You can’t get big results without that foundation.”

This quote comes from Paul Lynch, the general sales manager at DePaula Chevrolet, Albany, N.Y., who has led an impressive turnaround in the store’s used vehicle department over the past 15 months. Check out some of these results in Dale Pollak’s Blog >>

What is Rapid Recon?

Delivering #1 Customer Service Involves Accurate, Consistent, Updated, Current Details from the minute a pre-owned vehicle reaches the dealerships or the trade is cleared, to the second a car is sale readyThis is what defines the purpose Dennis McGinn had in mind when he created the program… Rapid Recon!

The Rapid Recon system allows auto dealerships to exchange Information with a workable new system that requires minimal training.  This tracking system collaborates all reconditioning processes necessary to have the car on the front-line for sale bringing Dealer profits to an all time high!  Some dealerships have doubled sales in just a little over a year’s time.  It’s guaranteed efficient tracking system allows effective communication from department to department with a special notes section prior to moving on into the next phase.

Easy Interface:

Rapid Recon interfaces easily with any desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone ensuring that everyone is accountable. It monitors in real-time with accurate documented information that is trackable and efficient, holding each individual accountable for the expected timeline performing vehicle enhancements ordered on every vehicle within the inventory options available for quick turnover and higher profit margins.




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