Reconditioning "Time to market" in 5 days, Everett Cheverolet

Reconditioning done in a time line that brings the bottom line to the top!  Just look and see Everett Chevrolet after installing a real-time work flow system that’s replaced the varying and frustrating attempts to have accountability in the reconditioning process!

Today’s economy crisis has customers being hyper-vigilant when it has to do with where their money is being spent.  With that in mind, in order to provide the best customer service, a company must deliver the product promised ensuring accountability to stand by their pitch line.

Dealerships these days are seeing a trend in preowned automobile sales as opposed to new autos being driven off the lot.  In order to keep sales up within the dealerships it is vital to have a solid time line that is consistent, short, and holds the reconditioning process to a system of transparent accountability along with incentives driving sales to an all time high.

Going from an 11 day TTM (time to market), to just 5 days (standard average when controls and compliance are in place with a system like Rapid Recon), their sales at Everett skyrocketed naming them No. 1 certified Chevy dealer in March 2013.  “We are now running with the big dogs in sales and profit,” contends Dave Everett, VP and used car director of Everett Chevrolet.  Their success is validated.  This system has brought an efficient, simplified, cost effective way to keep the time-line short while ensuring the bottom line is large.

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