A personal fitness trainer is the solution for the gym. For the vehicle reconditioning performance humps that erode used car profitability, Recon Edge is the answer.

Pushing Recon Performance Beyond the Limits, Only for Rapid Recon Dealerships.

Introducing Recon Edge, a unique one-on-one master-level performance efficiency troubleshooting service from Rapid Recon.

Recon Edge Solves:

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Show Us What You Got

First by telephone and then during a visit to your shop floor, Recon Edge digs into:

Examining the weaknesses brought up during your Rapid Recon performance review.

Visiting the recon program in person to meet with the dealership’s decision makers and view the recon department’s communications, process, practices, and people.

Identifying performance and workflow issues to isolate inefficiencies in current processes, practices, and goals/objectives.

Determining how much money is currently buried in inefficient, ignored or flawed processes and practices — comparing the current performance figures to realistic optimized numbers that the dealership’s team can attain.

The Right Workout for You?

The ideal candidates for Recon Edge are dealerships:

Experiencing bottlenecks in their recon process and are having difficulties identifying them.

Knowing where difficulties lie in their processes but aren’t sure how to rectify them.

Wanting to streamline relationships with vendors and hold them more accountable.

Desiring to lower their time to line and increase their speed to sale to better meet consumer demand and enjoy better gross profits.

Fresh Eyes, New Starts

Recon Edge Performance Consultants know your pain, know your challenges – and excel at helping you pass performance and efficiency humps so you can move your reconditioning performance to a new height of greatness.

Each member of the Rapid Recon Performance team sees your business the way you do - from the floor, with all of its challenges and opportunities. Each of them has years of experience running and working in dealership fixed operations.

Count the Gain

Remember, at play here is time – and time is money. For instance, a monthly recon volume of 100 cars at a 13-day cycle is $52,000/month or $640,000 a year (using the current NCM Associates study). At a 6-day cycle, that holding cost is cut to $288,000.

If vehicles are moving faster, there are more inventory turns available throughout that year. More vehicles sold and lower overhead costs lead to more profit for your business.

With some simple math, it's easy to see how Rapid Recon technology, coupled with the insights from the Recon Edge team, can be a game-changer for your dealership.

Let Recon Edge be your personal trainer for recon success and bigger bottom lines!