Rapid Recon Vendor Advantage for Mobile

Vendor Advantage

Vendor advantage is an awesome new upgrade of Rapid Recon that brings transparency, accountability, and communication to dealers and vendors in a private environment. Dealers stay in control, and vendors only see the work that applies to them. This feature does require a new licence agreement for customers that have been on Rapid Recon prior to 2020, but there's no additional charge. It's all included in your current subscription.

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Rapid Recon Vendor Advantage

Vendors are provided their own Desktop & Mobile platform that provides a detailed view into work that relates only to them. They have foresight into what work is coming, what’s required today, and what they’ve completed so they can efficiently plan their time working on your vehicles. This makes vendors extremely effective, and sets the dealer’s expectations so work isn’t left undone simply because the vendor had scheduled a conflicting appointment.

Vendors now have the ability to view assigned work, submit estimates with photos, submit suggested work, or additional work directly to the decision maker (an option controlled by the dealer), Private chat, and Real time notifications.