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Sober Scalability and Truthful Transparency – Rapid Recon

AutoSuccess Magazine – May, 2022 Sober Scalability and Truthful Transparency By Dennis McGinn If you are shopping for vehicle reconditioning software, it should be easy for you to understand the product’s core benefits, features, and advantages. No one should have to acquire more power or

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Shop Efficiency Jones Recon Article – Rapid Recon

Fixed Ops Magazine – March 1, 2022​  How to Find an $80,000 Labor DeficiencyBy Dustin Jones My specialty is helping dealers squeeze every ounce of performance from their reconditioning. I do this to help them get more cars sale-ready faster to save money and meet

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Measure Twice, Cut Once Recon Article – Rapid Recon

February Autosuccess Measure Twice, Cut Once By Dennis McGinn A homebuilder friend shared his success model: measure twice, cut once. A car dealer’s equivalent might be the irrefutable yardstick we like to refer to as transparency, accountability, and profitability, which make up the measure twice,

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The Power of Transparency Separates The Winners – Rapid Recon

AutoSuccess Magazine – February 2, 2022​ THE POWER OF TRANSPARENCY SEPARATES THE WINNERS By Dennis McGinn A recent report from Deloitte comments, Trust is the new measure of success. What builds trust is transparency. With relationships, transparency means earned reliability. You go where you say

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New Executive Summary Recon Article – Rapid Recon

Palo Alto, CA, December 02, 2021 New Executive Summary of Critical High-Level Operating Data from Rapid Recon™ Now Auto-Delivered to Dealership Executives, Company Also Upgrades Its New Online Vehicle Description Tool Rapid Recon announced two new features to give users of its industry-leading reconditioning communications

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Why the Writing on the Wall Recon Article – Rapid Recon

AutoSuccess – December 2021 Why the Writing on the Wall is Good for You By Dennis McGinn As dealer groups grow in store count and acquire a diverse range of operational processes, cultures, and technologies, store individuality must yield to group-wide standardization and consistency. Just

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