July AutoSuccess

Speed to Sale and Selling Buyers

By Dennis McGinn

When I write here about bringing speed-to-sale benefits to your dealership, I’m speaking of considerable advancement in why customers choose to buy their used cars from you.

As I have said here before, a digital retail strategy is incomplete when digital reconditioning tools do not enrich its selling features. It is from an efficient and transparent reconditioning workflow that a speedy used car sale is launched.

In a speed-to-sale dealership, digital reconditioning is driving two radical outcomes. The core driver is an intelligence, structure, and communications engine driving a three-to-five-day time to line acquisition-to-sale-ready speed. The second is the data vault into which the facts, images, and notations about how you reconditioned a particular vehicle. This recon data is gold. When well organized and presented digitally, recon data can be accessed quickly by customers and salespeople in real-time.

Our stats tell us that consumers ask about a used car’s reconditioning frequency just slightly less than they do about its history report. A history report is a confidence builder, but it's detailed, vehicle-specific reconditioning information that builds immediate trust.

Now shoppers can explore all critical information related to deciding about a vehicle while they’re shopping for used cars on your website. Anytime a process must send a customer elsewhere to answer their questions, you risk them never coming back to your site – and dealership.

So, more upfront use of reconditioning metrics will showcase how this data demonstrates the care and concern you put into the reconditioning of your used cars.

Now dealers also have a better way of displaying these compelling stories and details to build value, trust, and confidence in the used cars they sell. As part of a speed-to-sale culture, this new feature also provides shoppers with direct access to vehicle history reports, original OEM window stickers, CPO inspection reports, original vehicle brochures, warranty information, service receipts, and more.

This powerful selling tool is instantly built from the reconditioning data, content, and images of the vehicle’s transformation through reconditioning. This data has always been stored within the reconditioning software we provide. Still, now it is accessible by customers from the dealer’s website to give more depth and confidence to the level of information a website’s Search Results Page and Vehicle Detail Pages can. I will have more to say about this as the summer rolls forward. Come back here again next month for a more enriched explanation.

About Rapid Recon

Reconditioning workflow automation from Rapid Recon is the industry standard in time-to-line inventory turn and speed-to-sale vehicle revenue enhancement for automotive retailers. Benchmarking data based on 13 million vehicles processed uniquely positions Rapid Recon to advise dealers on how to improve their store’s profitability. Used by more than 2,000 dealerships, Rapid Recon ensures the accountability of processes, property, and people. Hence, dealers know answers quickly, find assets anywhere, and sell vehicles promptly to grow dealership profitability. www.rapidrecon.com CALL US: +650-999-0497