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New Features

  • Media Gallery: Added ability for PDF documents and videos to be uploaded in the new and improved Media Gallery. Zoom in and rotate functions available on images and PDF documents
  • Tagging Media to Work Items: Tagging media to work items will allow users to see media alongside work items in the work item panel. Ability to quickly add a new work item when selecting a tag for uploaded media
  • Work Item Phases: Categorize your work items to their phase of the recon process. Filter and update statuses of work items in specific phases. Use the subtotals row to see how much of each phase are contributing to the vehicle’s overall cost
  • Vendor “MyWork” View: Allows dealership users to see what the vendor sees in this uneditable view of the vendor user interface
  • Vendor Dashboard: Manage approvals and status updates for all vendors and in-house teams in a single location
  • Approvals Page Updates: The Approvals page on desktop can now sort by DIR, Stock #, or Total Price, and can be filtered by phases
  • Color Trigger Setting Update: You can now update color trigger settings to turn yellow or red based on days, hours, or minutes. Contact to update your color triggers
  • Notify User on Append Note Update: Current step notification users are auto populated to notify user field when appending a note
  • What’s new lightbulb: Showcases the latest features release at the click of a button
  • Other Updates
  • Confirmation dialogue when removing media
  • Updates to User Activity report to reflect addition of new media types
  • Added print button to Overview page
  • Chosen map settings now retained
  • Addition of “Add to Workflow” button on archived units Vehicle Details page
  • Increased append note character limit
  • Menu bar locked to top of page when scrolling on Overview
  • Optional setting for archiving units; minimum days not found in DMS parameter (contact to update)