As appearing in AutoSuccess magazine, June 2020

Selling Smartly Post Covid-19

By Dennis McGinn

Most, if not all, dealers reduced headcount in response to COVID-19-driven business weakness. One Ford store reduced its headcount from 140 to 60. Such staff cuts might seem a bit drastic, perhaps not.

Dealers are sharpening operations in many ways, not only to cope with pandemic-driven changes but also for the long-term benefit of the organization.

For example, many are finding ways to do more with less. For some, extensive reliance on online sales has identified unnecessary management levels, as empowered sales associates handle the road to the sale and finance with customers, without TO involvement.

Another efficiency gain might save you from having to staff up again. Smart selling techniques using logical and physical time-to-line workflow software lock-in efficiency and, at the same time, land buyers the first time they call.

Our data show that dealers who can leverage this relation close two of three used car leads. Conversion drops to one of three, where these sales advantages are not available.

Until recently, no one recognized the hidden pockets of delay and waste existing in the two critical workflows necessary to sell cars profitably today: the logical and the physical. Tighter control here reduces the lag time between when you buy cars and when you sell them. The closer this gap is, the better control you have of lead conversion.

Anywhere along these two workflows, which intermingle and influence the other, we find opportunities to improve speed-to sale opportunities to a dealership:

The best way we’ve found to describe these advantages is by the phrase, know it, find it, sell it.

Why risk lost opportunities because cars consumers linger in reconditioning? Why make customers wait and risk a sale because someone must run around to find the vehicle (and keys) the customer came to see and test drive?

Logical and physical workflows link reconditioning and sales. By leveraging both workflows, dealers turn more inventory, sell more cars than they need to stock, and serve online and in-store customers speedily, thoroughly, and professionally.

About The Author

Dennis McGinn is the founder and chief executive officer of Rapid Recon, the world’s standard in vehicle reconditioning and speed-to-sale inventory turn improvement, and the industry’s leading expert in time-to-line (T2L) reconditioning. Click now to schedule an instructive demo.

About Rapid Recon

Reconditioning workflow automation from Rapid Recon is the industry standard in time-to-line inventory turn and speed-to-sale vehicle revenue enhancement for automotive retailers. Benchmarking data based on 13 million vehicles processed uniquely positions Rapid Recon to advise dealers on how to improve their store’s profitability. Used by more than 2,000 dealerships, Rapid Recon ensures the accountability of processes, property, and people. Hence, dealers know answers quickly, find assets anywhere, and sell vehicles promptly to grow dealership profitability. CALL US: +650-999-0497