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Rapid Recon COVID-19 Retool and Recovery Program

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As part of our support during this COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to include you in our Rapid Recon COVID-19 Retool & Recovery program. This program is aimed at providing assistance in managing your Rapid Recon account needs in the term and strategies for improved performance of your recon utilization going forward.

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Here are some of the program highlights to help keep your operation running efficiently during this turbulent time:

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  • If all or part of your recon processes are temporarily off-line, we can adjust your settings to minimize the impact on performance metrics. By exercising this option, you will be able to maintain the integrity of your data for tracking purposes.
    • To enable this option, contact our support team via email (support@rapidrecon.com) or through our easy access support request option located under the “Help” tab on our website.
    • We will create a custom “COVID-19” step for you and automatically move your in process vehicles there. When you are able to move forward, you can put those vehicles back in their original steps.
  • We are offering on demand personalized system reviews with our Implementation Managers. We will review industry best practices and lessons learned from other high performing dealerships. We encourage you to use this time to identify workflow changes, assess training opportunities and team engagement.
  • Custom step workflow modifications for organizing work during COVID-19
    • Beyond pausing work, dealers will also need to organize their work differently to evaluate what they can sell vs what they need to wholesale now with restrictions and economic conditions. Instead of boxing us into a pause step, it leaves it open.
  • We are providing assistance on cleanup and readiness activities related to the COVID- 19 disruption. These items can also be self-managed through our “Setup” tab. For assistance, please reach out to our support team. We recommend:
    • Clean up of your staff lists to ensure that only current active dealership staff have access to your system.
    • Reassignment of step accountability and related notification changes to reflect any staff changes.
  • Most Dealerships are keeping some parts of their service operations available since they are essential operations. We note that some of our dealers are able to continue to sell cars but are handling everything remotely and on-line.
  • In a few weeks we expect many of our 2,000 Dealerships will be in a catch-up or looking to re-launch, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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Thank you again for being a Rapid Recon customer. If you are interested in this program or have any other needs, please contact us at support@rapidrecon.com.

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