A More Profitable View of Recon in '23

By Dennis McGinn

Originally published in the January 2023 edition of AutoSuccess Online

As we enter our 13th year as a vehicle reconditioning software company, we’re leading 2023 with a goal to make communication in the recon department more convenient for used car managers.  

We do this through workflow tools. We recommend that when dealers/managers are choosing a reconditioning software, they look for workflow tools that will let their teams better manage used car repair approvals and track costs by itemizing the work that needs to be completed. Doing so reduces internal spending and reveals the gross holding cost per unit.

In addition, recon departments that use these tools will get faster repair approvals, stop the payment of incorrectly billed work, and saturate work tracking and records with accessibility and transparency.

By using workflow tools, recon department managers:

  • See the total cost of work for each vehicle

  • Quickly approve or decline work on a line-item or a bulk-item basis

  • Track work status

  • Receive notifications when work is completed – and to whom that work baton is passed next in the workflow

  • Track work assignments and progress with vendors

  • Request and manage vendor work estimates

Recon managers should look for workflow tools that annotate, organize, structure and visually capture work needed and being done on vehicles throughout the reconditioning process. These notes should follow the car through each step of its reconditioning, ensuring a completed work phase at each stage and a confident hand-off of remaining work items throughout the workflow.

Workflow tools that enable technicians to add visual details to the written descriptions of work needs are also essential. A recon repair order approval that includes audio or video details — of an oil leak or engine noise, for illustration — is 10,000 times more instructive and helpful than simple written notes.

Media gallery tools can record content on desktop and mobile in file formats from jpeg, png, PDF, and mp4. Syndicated retail images from inventory feeds can also be recorded. Workflow notes and media should remain tagged to the vehicle VIN, so if a question about work is raised, the work history is always just a click away for examination.

Two-thousand twenty-three is off and running. Commit to better processes that help you identify and eliminate bottlenecks and work duplication that put sales at risk. Help technicians turn more hours by keeping them turning wrenches. Establish a metrics-driven recon culture that gets cars front-line ready in three to five days.

Happy New Year!

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