Reconditioning - A new bastion of hope - The Future is now

Having met with dealers at NADA, I'm reminded of Dale Pollak's 2010 article "Reconditioning - The Last Bastion of Old School Management." While this is still generally true, there are finally straightforward solutions and verifiable success stories that have remedied this situation. However, getting reconditioning under control and keeping it there takes a lot more then an assault on "old school management."

With paid acceleration in used car sales, the market dictated it's time to abandon inefficient manual practices and transition to new.

Every dealership has a different culture and, with respect to reconditioning where the variables are in a continual state of flux, there are no canned solutions. Dealerships repeatedly try to use a spreadsheet, shared Google doc or even dry-erase board, but the limitations of using these manual tools for such a complicated set of processes is inadequate. It doesn't provide the most critical element within a reconditioning solution: accountability.

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