Accountability and Red Flags

Metrics based on verifiable facts, and not opinions, is the only way to ensure you have airtight acountability in recon. If you include the third dimension of managing the ups and downs of business cycles, then these same metrics are vital to both short and long-term profiability.

As a general rule, any store without a workflow has two inventory turns buried in recon.

To produce solid metrics, your staff must be able to close out each job on the spot, from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer with a single click. This is the first big step that eliminates excuses. The second step is to make these metrics visible so everyone can see the impact of a weak link or bottleneck.

The third step is to have a time-to-market target that includes specific department-level metrics. For example, if your overall time-to-market (TTM) target is four days, then "Inspection," "Service," "Detail" and "Photos" must be consistantly under two days. "Parts<" "Body" and "Sublet," as needed,account for the other two days.

What red flags point to the need for fact based metrics?

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