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If you still run your recon department on “gut feel” and not metrics, you’re losing money. Metrics — hard performance data — is the roadmap to moving hidden treasure in your recon department.

Manage recon by the facts and you’ll flow significant gross to your bottom line.
— Dennis McGinn - CEO Rapid Recon, INC

Rapid Recon workflow monitors in real-time, with accurate documented information that is trackable and efficient. Holding each individual accountable for the expected timeline, while performing vehicle repairs and enhancements. Giving you more selling days, improved inventory turns and higher profit margins.

Rapid Recon's Time-to-Market reconditioning software applies the science of workflow accountability to vehicle reconditioning.

Rapid Recon Benefits:

• know where your cars are 24/7

• Manage Time-to-Market 

• Manage Open Safety Recalls

• Manage Recon Cost and Approvals 

• Accelerated monthly profits