Rapid Recon™ takes customer satisfaction to the next level. Our application can be customized to accommodate your current workflow processes and can be easily and quickly edited to to meet your changing needs.

From the very first day your Process Performance Manager works with your staff to make sure your system design meets your dealerships specific requirements, then provides ongoing training and feedback to help you reach your target Time to Market performance goals, plus our dedicated support staff is always available to solve any and all technical issues.

Frontline Ready in 5 days or Less.

Rapid Recon™ Monitors in real-time, with accurate documented information that is trackable and efficient.  

Holding each individual accountable for the expected timeline, while performing vehicle repairs and enhancements.  

Giving you more selling days, improved inventory turns and higher profit margins.

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Custom built to accommodate 

Enhance your dealership processes. All your workflow Online - All the time. Easy to use and affordable to get started.

Set up, Recondition, Track and MOVE SALES. Users all have a front seat so they can see how everyone is performing in Real-Time - tracking Recon locations and bottlenecks. 

Get Pricing, and see Rapid Recon™ results at real Dealerships.

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“Want to say thanks for helping our business run better. We are turning our inventory much sooner because of Rapid Recon™. We feel we are receiving an excellent value.”
— Bart Rinkenberger | General Manager | Lighthouse Buick GMC Morton, IL


With Rapid Recon™ online reconditioning workflow tool


  • No long-term contract required and no equipment to purchase or install.
  • Simple online interface accessible from any computer or web device.
  • Fully customizable to your dealership's existing or desired process steps.
  • Mobile computing integration delivers text and email alerts to facilitate faster handoff.
  • Powerful real-time reporting capabilities for: performance evaluation, process improvement, resource planning and cost analysis.


  • Dealerships typically begin seeing positive return-on-investment within the first month.
  • Minimal training necessary to get up and running the first day.

  • Employees become more empowered to take control of their performance.
  • Higher productivity will help attract and retain the best employees.
  • Rapid Recon makes reconditioning measurable and encourages individual accountability.
  • Transparency of every step eliminates organizational conflict and forgotten cars
 De Paula Chevrolet

 De Paula Chevrolet


In less than the time it takes to have lunch,
experience a 45-minute demo of Rapid Recon's™
live dealership recon process steps in action.
Learn what makes Rapid Recon™ the best reconditioning tool,
to bring you Front-line-ready and ahead of the competition today!

Mobile Ready on all platforms.

Rapid Recon™ in the palm of your hand.

Everyone on your staff can manage your reconditioning on the fly. When someone completes their work they move the vehicle into the next Step with a click of a button automatically generating a text or email notification to the next person(s) in line alerting them the car is now ready for their attention.

Notes can be added too!

You always know exactly where the vehicle is, who has it and for how long. This dramatically lowers confusion and uncertainty which in turn, makes everyone more productive.

There are several options for viewing and using Rapid Recon™:

The Desktop application is designed for larger screens and is also touch responsive.

The Mobile application is designed for small screens, runs everywhere and on all mobile devices including; tablets whether they run Apple, Android or Windows operating systems.