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With Rapid Recon’s online reconditioning workflow tool

Rapid Recon Monitors in real-time, with accurate documented information that is trackable and efficient.

Holding each individual accountable for the expected timeline, while performing vehicle repairs and enhancements.

Giving you more selling days, improved inventory turns and higher profit margins.

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What is Recon Workflow and how does it work?


Improving gaps between services and tracking progress.

FAQ’s: Rapid Recon

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  • All users have full/direct access.
  • Status of every auto is online and real-time.
  • Autos are tracked in Real-Time.
  • Bottleneck Analysis tools.
  • Front seat UI performing in Real-Time.
  • Operates with any Smart Phone or Tablet-
    on Apple, Android or Windows.
Your workflow Online - All the time

Set up, Recondition, Track and MOVE SALES

Simply the best workflow tool on the planet.


  • Flexible
  • Easy to setup
  • Intuitive to Use

Users all have a front seat so they can see how everyone is performing in Real-Time - tracking Recon locations and bottlenecks.

What does it cost?

Rapid Recon is custom built to accommodate and enhance your dealership processes. Find out how easy and affordable it is to get started.

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Easy to use Efficiency Controls

In seconds find vehicle location, status and details.

Front row seat on the status of every car is online in real-time.


With 121 vehicles entered market ready in April 2013, the average vehicle Recon time was 2.125 days from the start of receiving. (or the start of Recon).


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Reconditioning work completed and work to be done is visible by location and NOTES.


Management receives an email report each morning showing all vehicle locations and time in Recon. Time in Recon is step and days since Purchase/Trade, NOTES.


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Mobile Ready on all platforms.

Rapid Recon in the palm of your hand.

Recon staff can now do everything on the fly, send and receive text messages (in addition to emails) when a car is ready for their attention. With a single click, drop the car into the next step when their part is complete.

The idea of knowing exactly where you stand and being able to control your actual completion time. This dramatically lowers confusion and uncertainty which in turn, makes everyone more productive.

Several options to view:

Desktop app - designed for larger screens, touch responsive and HTML5.

Mobile app - designed for small screens, runs everywhere, available on all mobile devices including tablets - (Apple, Android or Windows)