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Accountability and Red Flags in the Recon Process

Metrics based on verifiable facts, and not opinions, is the only way to ensure you have airtight accountability in your recon process. If you include the third dimension of managing the ups and downs of business cycles, then these same metrics are vital to both

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Metrics -- hard performance data -- is the road map to flowing gross from your recon to your bottom line.

Flow Gross From Recon to Your Bottom Line

If you still run your recon department on “gut feel” and not metrics, you’re losing money. Metrics — hard performance data — is the road map to flowing gross from your recon to your bottom line. Manage by the facts and you’ll flow significant gross to

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Margin Compression; A leaking faucet

When I first got into the car business in the late 80’s, the term Margin Compression was something relating to industries other than Auto. Back in those days, a dealer normally had a 60-90 day period to maximize their gross profit. Unfortunately those days are

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End the Blame Game in Recon

Blame – assign responsibility for a fault or wrong. Most dealership personnel will associate the term Reconditioning with Time-to-Line, although TTL involves much more than the normal “mechanical and cosmetic” processes. When I was in the dealership, the majority of the reconditioning of a used vehicle

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Recon Time vs Time-to-Line

  “What is the difference between managing Reconditioning time and Time-to-Line? The active involvement of the GM.  If you are still trying to hold people accountable for the reconditioning cycle instead of TTL then I have some great news. Recon is of course a vital

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Four Ways to Improve Pre-Owned Efficiency

Four Ways to Improve Pre-Owned Efficiency By Mark Curcio10-10-2017 Managing modern pre-owned operations in a profitable manner has become an increasingly difficult venture in today’s competitive and aggressive market. Finding quality vehicles that can be priced to move quickly has become more expensive than ever before

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Reconditioning Time Testing

Dealers who have the most efficient reconditioning time consistently average three to five days from recon start to front line. They also know where every car is at all times because every step has a clear owner who is connected to it through their mobile

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