Recon: “Telling It Like It Is”

Notes from Operations Manager to GM… From time to time a real gem crosses my desk that simply tells it like it is. The following are excepts from an email sent from an operations manager to his GM. The operations manager make a compelling case

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How Dealership Groups Manage Time-to-Market

Workflow technology measures and manages, in real-time, every step of the process, from purchase or trade to front-line ready or funded, so your employees are individually accountable. In addition, it is flexible enough to change quickly for any process or people changes. The following three

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Reconditioning Time-to-Market

Time to market (TTM) is the monthly average time from purchase or trade to the time sales are funded. You can think about it as the average time your cash is invested until it can be reinvested. Most dealerships begin with the logical subset of

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Recon Workflow From Purchase or Trade to Deal Funded

The deal is not done until it’s “metal over the curb.” Ever heard about a sale where the “stips”
were not satisfied after multiple attempts with lenders but the trade was already sold? With all the market pressure to continually improve turns, this can — and

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Continuous Process Improvement in Recon

Over the last 36 months, we have grappled with the question of why some dealerships, with known difficulties in reconditioning, still hang-on to their old processes. Two reasons keep popping up: a fear or risk of “rocking the boat,” and the idea that “everything is

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Dialing In Used Car Turns

The automated software tools associated with Dial A and Dial C are data rich and have been responsible for a majority of dealers to forgo their own “gut feel” on which cars to acquire
by converting to a sophisticated inventory management solution from either vAuto, AAX

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Rapid Recon is the industry-standard workflow management solution for vehicle reconditioning unifying departments and vendors with the accountability of people, process, and property to increase inventory turns and accelerate speed to sale. 20,000+ users access the powerful, easy-to-use, cost-effective workflow management solution customized for each dealership’s unique culture and processes With more than 13 million vehicles managed, Rapid Recon has the data and team of dealer experts to deliver benchmarking and best practices for continual improvement by design. Our experienced performance team managers know your business because they’ve lived it.

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