Rapid Recon™ Digital Vehicle Portfolio (DVP) Powered by

The Right Tool for the Job

Provide digital shoppers with a convenient and transparent buying experience from day one.

Just the right amount of transparency buyers' need to establish trust between them and the dealer.

Provide your buyers with the original MSRP sticker

One missed option can swing the price of a vehicle by thousands of dollars. Provide your buyers the accurate details they need to understand the price differences on different models.

The Rapid Recon Report

The reconditioning software and digital vehicle portfolios means that everything discerning shoppers want to know about a vehicle, including what is included in reconditioning and where the vehicle is in the process, is available to potential buyers 24 by 7 without ever leaving your website.

It’s everywhere your buyers are

Rapid Recon DVP scales to mobile, so all the necessary information is where your buyers need it, in the format they need it in.

Generating and presenting digital vehicle portfolios is 100% automated, requiring NO scanning, NO uploading, and NO printing.