Dealers who have the most efficient recon operations consistently average three to five days from recon start to frontline. They also know where every car is at all times because every step has a clear owner/tech who is connected to it through their mobile phone.

The best example of how this works is how quickly a UCM can approve an itemized list in only a few minutes right from their mobile phone — any time, anywhere. When the UCM approval happens in a workflow system, it sets the pace for time-to-market.

Try this simple exercise: List what you believe your average real times are for:
• Inspection
• UCM approval
• Mechanical
• Body (30 percent) 
• Detail
• Photos

Add these up for your store, and do not use the best-case numbers, because they all count. If your number is six days or greater, then you are a perfect candidate for work ow. Before implementing workflow, dealers average 10 days or higher, and burn an extra week of prime selling time. And, if you are not measuring your time-to-market, it is likely that holding costs are cutting deep into your profitability.

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