The automated software tools associated with Dial A and Dial C are data rich and have been responsible for a majority of dealers to forgo their own "gut feel" on which cars to acquire by converting to sophisticated inventory management solution from either vAuto, AAX or First Look. Unfortunately, there remains a systematic problem in many dealerships at Dial B.

Recon is too fasted paced and too key to depend on such a static tool like a manual spreadsheet.

If you are connecting A to C and still use a manual spreadsheet at Dial B, you are seriously handicapping your overall business and leaving somewhere around two full inventory turns buried in your recon process. This is a huge loss to your bottom line.

Fortunately, reconditioning no longer needs to be the weakest link. A workflow management software solution is now available with mobile and test for on-the-go UCM's it's in real time, Web based and easy for all workers to use.

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Rapid Recon Dials in the USM data.png