How dealership groups manage time to market

Workflow technology measures and manages, in real-time, every step of the process, from purchase or trade to front-line ready or funded, so your employees are

individually accountable. In addition, it is flexible enough to change quickly for any process or people changes.

The following three examples show the power and flexibility of workflow technology. Each
of these dealerships have different processes, but all have one requirement in common: the need for a measurable time-to-market that hold individuals and departments accountable for meeting standards of performance.

Corwin Toyota, Honda, Dodge in Fargo, ND (Corwin Auto Group)

The problem: These three Corwin stores were all located within a few minutes of each other in Fargo, North Dakota. The CFO of the Corwin Group realized that having separate reconditioning and detail departments in each store was totally inefficient and resulted in redundant management and staff costs.

To eliminate this overlap, it was decided to centralize reconditioning body, glass, detail and photos in one location, while keeping separate mechanical

departments at each individual store.

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