Time to Market : Reconditioning at DePaula Chevrolet

When I first talked to Tom Restino, Vice President of operation, and Paul Lynch, general sales manager, they explained that they needed to recondition 150 to 200 cars each month and were commited to a 24-hour turn around from Recieved to Front line. At first, I thought he was just setting the bar too high, but after three months of measurting and monitoring his real-time workflow process, they are, in fact, meeting the 24-hour objective.

Thier process consists of the 18 Steps and thier "time to market" metric (see right) starts with "Purchases or Cleared Trades" and ends at "Market Ready." It is also notable that DePaula ranks in vAuto's "Top=20 Dealers" so Dale Pollak's insight about the best getting better certainly applies.

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