Recon - "Telling it like it is"

Notes from Operations Manager to GM...

From time to time a real gem crosses my desk that simply tells it like it is. The following are excepts from an email sent from an operations manager to his GM. The operations manager make a compelling case that, in order to fix their dealership's reconsitioning problem, they need a specific workflow solution. The GM remains steadfast, standing by his position that there is not a problem.

General Manager: I don't think software or technology is the problem. If technology were to blame, then "Mechanical." "Recon" and "Detaili" would be slow. The consistantly slow areas are "Cosmetic" and "Photos," along with coordination of the three "Recon" steps. I think we have a "getting the work done" problem, not a technology problem."

Operations Manager:  If you ask me, along with my Body," "PDI" and Detail" techniociansd and my photographer. we do not have a "cycle-time" issues. We have an "estimate" and "vehicle availability" issue. In my opinion, the primary reason that "Mechanical" and "Detail" are so succesful is that they have control of the vehicle. Their operations must be done in order for the vehicle to be sold; therefore, the vehicle stays in that process. Its not the same with "Cosmetic."

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