New workflow technology is here now for UCM's

"A Used Car Manager's best friend" ~ is all wrapped up neatly packaged with new workflow technology used for up to the minute accountability "putting the UCM smack in the middle of every process," according to Dennis McGinn (CEO of Rapid Recon).  

The UCM is the - 'go-to' - guy for all ends of operation management responsibilities. Whether it's the internal business side or the paying customers, built-in conflicts in service are inevitable. It's imperative the UCM is accurately informed and constantly able to know where everyone stands in the reconditioning process.  

The key responsibility of a UCM is juggling both sides, (internally & the paying customers), when reconditioning processes are involved regardless of being only a single person.  Being reliant on a spreadsheet was the only option for attempting to keep score; however, now it's simple and instantaneous with a tap of a finger using the Rapid Recon System on an iPhone/ iPad / or Android (smartphone); acknowledgements can be done from anywhere/ anytime/ to include off-site.  The Used Car Manager can approve or reject approved services or repairs allowing them to be able to multi-task efficiently. Multiple locations are accessible without having to be in multiple places to gather necessary information up to the minute.

The process is explained simply as follows:  with a text alert notification on a UCM's phone, they are able to see the notes column for each used vehicle and make an informed decision -on-the-spot- necessary to sell a vehicle putting it on step 7 "service repair" getting the time-clock started.  They are able to send multiple alerts to all people involved including the car owner which allows them to set a target date for completion that has a "predictable time-line for TTM" (time to market).  This technology empowers the UCM to keep on top and in control of reconditioning TTM.  

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