Reconditioning for the long haul

When is the time to fix the reconditioning process with your dealership?

  • When purchases and trades took too long
  • When accountability is weak?
  • When frequent management attention is needed? 

If any of the above are consuming resources that otherwise should be used for managing cutovers or new sales - it may be time to overhaul your recon center. Now you can take full advantage of new and proven technologies that monitors individual accountability with time lines that are known from department to department extending to the sales floor.   

Time to Market is key and the best way to create this within departments is transparency..Reconditioning preowned vehicles is a process all dealerships are faced with.  Time lines that are quick, predictable, and short result with higher volume sales.  Using a workflow tool that tracks every step of the way is the answer to keep everyone up to speed and accountable.

Dealerships like DePaula Chevrolet, Everett Chevrolet, and Bob Brown Chevrolet are savoring their moment  as they have captured three of the top six Certified Chevy Dealer awards nationwide in April 2013.  They each have implemented the workflow technology system.  It has brought them proven success with growth changing the reconditioning process within their dealerships.  

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