The advantage of workflow management in reconditioning

The new recon workflow management system is everything a spredsheet is not. It provides significant capabilities thanks to real-time and mobile, and is designed for the used car manager (USM) to effectively monitor and provide actionable insigths, putting them 100 percent in control. Users have complete transparency and real-time accountability - what better motivator for improved performance? It is an intutitive and simple-to-use web-based interface, which streamlines the entire recoditioning process from autionb or trade to front-line ready.

Workflow management tools are an opportunity to imrove your entire recon business with much less intervention necessary. It minimizes the process time through alerts and texts, maximizes the value with its visiblity and accountability, and its flexible, flagging various bottlenecks in order to take action. However the proof is always in the bottomline.

When a dealership is selling 100 cars per month and two days are taken out of recon becasue of a workflow process system, you are essentially adding another complete inventory turn. What better barometer to basxe your decision to automate your reconditioning department?


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