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Auto dealers, who speed the flow of vehicles through reconditioning to get them frontline-ready faster, reduce Holding Cost erosion.
— Jared Ricart, Service Operation Manager, Ricart Automotive.

“We thought we had good insight into how long it was taking us to get vehicles frontline ready, but when we turned on Rapid Recon it showed us we were at 12 days!” he said. 

“That long process was killing gross.” 

“With Rapid Recon we found a way to track every step of our recon process. It has helped us finely tune recon and reduce Time-to-Market by eight days, to just four days,” Ricart recalled.

Rapid Recon's Time-to-Market reconditioning software applies the science of workflow accountability to vehicle reconditioning.

Rapid Recon Benefits:

• know where your cars are 24/7

• Manage Time-to-Market 

• Manage Open Safety Recalls

• Manage Recon Cost and Approvals 

• Accelerated monthly profits