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Cutting even five days from Recon process flows directly to gross, according to NCM Associates, who through its 20 group clients and moderator experts, cites the average dealership daily holding cost
at $32 per vehicle, based on franchise and market area.
— Paul Faletti, Jr. president and CEO of NCM Associates.

Tom Dunn, General Manager of Fred Martin Superstore in Akron, Ohio describes Rapid Recon™ as a failsafe way to monitor used car reconditioning and improve TTM.  Managing and retailing 350-400 cars per month with Rapid Recon's reconditioning software.

Rapid Recon's Time-to-Market reconditioning software applies the science of workflow accountability to vehicle reconditioning.

Rapid Recon Benefits:

• know where your cars are 24/7

• Manage Time-to-Market 

• Manage Open Safety Recalls

• Manage Recon Cost and Approvals 

• Accelerated monthly profits